Social Butterfly was created to provide an affordable and vibrant online marketing service with a fresh and innovative twist.


At Social Butterfly, we are focused on creating an experience for you right from the beginning. Making sure that we not only deliver an impeccable service but also a fantastic implementation and execution. We know that not every small to medium business has the luxury of big, badass marketing budgets, which is exactly why we can not stress the importance of utilising the power of low cost marketing tools enough. 

Social media marketing should be an accessible component for all businesses, especially small to medium ones. These extremely effective, powerful and low cost marketing tools not only make a huge difference to marketing your product/brand/business but also contributes to a positive online representation and your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Online marketing is an opportunity to engage with potential customers every minute of their day and create subconscious brand awareness (which costs considerably less than a million billboards around town). Your brand becomes a part of their day-to-day lives, connects with them on a personal level and displays an aspect of your business which becomes relatable to your audience. Everyone is online these days, more than they watch television, more than they read a newspaper, more than they'll talk to their Grandmother - so why are YOU NOT taking advantage of this active and engaged environment.

We have developed proven strategies and systems to guarantee increased engagement, brand awareness and online activity. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation draft strategy which covers objectives, measurables, method and roll out plan. We have seen customers with a 600% increase in engagement within the first week of implementing their Social Butterfly strategy.

Social media has revolutionised the way customers interact with brands, how brands represent themselves and how business is executed, so having a strong and positive online presence is vital! We focus on content development to not only attract the audience you desire but to build a valued online brand. We want to help you build a strong relationship between your brand and customers through a creative and engaging strategy.




Social Media Manager

The social media manager will be a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and passion for connecting with current and future customers. 


Planning, developing & overseeing social media strategies

Client relationship management

Analysing data, online behaviour patterns and audience trends

Content strategising and creation

Development of brand awareness and online reputation 

Cultivation of leads and sales

Identifying target customers for our clients

Visual Design Strategy

Promotional, engagement & conversion strategies

Ability to measure & analyse to establish ROI

Implement ongoing education to remain on top of the industry


Experience managing a team in a creative or marketing role

Strong understanding of social media, digital marketing, SEO

Minimum of Bachelor degree

Exceptional communication skills (verbal & written)

Visual Intelligence skills 

Own your own company?

Are you running a social media marketing company on your own and looking to expand? We’re looking for someone who has all of the finesse and exuberance of a startup queen who has gone out on their own, but is looking for the next step in growing their clientele and business.

We want you to lead the current Social Butterfly team, manage the existing clientele, and assist the business to grow - as well as your own!

Social Butterfly is currently catering for 28 clients on a monthly basis, managing an extensive array of projects from social media, creative marketing and advertising campaigns to event management and website development. The person in question should have experience across the board when it comes to management skills, online and offline marketing, social media and creative skills. Knowledge of creative/graphic software is a bonus (e.g., photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, lightbox etc)

Further terms, conditions and negotiations will be discussed at time of expression of interest.

Apply below. If you would like to send your CV and cover letter through, please email them to


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 The Social Butterfly team represented at this year's Winetopia Festival.  

The Social Butterfly team represented at this year's Winetopia Festival.  


Brydie Meinung


Gift of the Gab. Nearly a psychology degree. An Emmy Award. Love being a creative.

Helping people, brands and businesses is what I love to do! Creating innovative and engaging strategies takes a lot of hard work and meticulously planned methods, I've worked on developing systems to ensure optimal performance for online marketing - which is really exciting and proving to be very successful. I love being able to use my skills to help people and grow their brands online. This is more than a passion for me; it's a devotion.


Kamilla Gamborg Isaksen

Social Media Manager

Happy-faced journalist born with a big passion for creative storytelling. 

I'm 25 years old, and I've always had a strong interest in social media. I always challenge myself to tell a story with vivid imagery, but I also need people to get the message in the fastest way possible. I achieve to make content that stands out in a creative way, because it's extremely important to be different in a world where people get information thrown at them from all directions. With my journalism education, I've learned to tell stories and make my messages clear. I have to use these skills frequently in order to take advantage of my ideas. I believe that every brand needs to be treated as individuals toget the best results. Therefore, I'm always very focused on trying to find the unique aspects of the brands I work with, so the audience will realize exactly the things the brand wants to be associated with. 


JinRui Cai


Jinrui has a Bachelor’s Degree in Spatial Architecture design from Auckland University of Technology. She brings both a millennial and international perspective to clients social marketing campaigns.

Originally from China she has been living Auckland for 7 years.

Jinrui is Social Butterfly’s specialist in-house designer. 


Alicia Slee

Social Media Content Creator (Beauty)

For 8 years woman rediscovering their inner confidence through the beauty world is my passion & love. I studied at the International College of Camille gaining internationally recognised diplomas. I believe education is key when it comes to clients, if you educate correctly you will create beautiful results. Social media is an amazing opportunity to reach out to clients while staying connected when they have left the treatment room. In a maze of misinformation I am here to deliver correct & fun factual tips I have picked up working alongside some of the best in the business to save fellow professionals precious time.