creating, collaborating and celebrating with globelet

2015 marked a transitional year for the youthful company. Having partnered with NZ's first waste-free festival, taking on the Australian market (the first NZ eco-cup company to do so) and stopping 500,000 plastic cups going into landfills. 

Globelet Cups


Globelet have definitely made their mark on the festival and event industry in NZ and beyond, not only through their clean, green ways but for being the coolest kid on the block. With graphically enhanced cups, Globelet adds an artistic edge into the mix, showing they definitely know how to do things well. 

Social Butterfly and Globelet Lunch in Taupo


And speaking of doing things well, guys and gals from across the country gathered in Taupo to create, collaborate and celebrate.

Globelet Team


Good food and great company were the key ingredients of the mix. In fact, the creative team somewhat represented all of the integral principles of a Globelet:

  • Clean and Green.
  • Colourful and Creative.
  • Plus a lot of hardwork.
Globelet Lunch with Social Butterfly


Ryan made sure the team was well fed up with coffee, green smoothies and a nutritious lunch. The star chef, Nick Jenkinson, cooked up a storm with smoked trout & watercress salad, roasted kumara and creamy tzatziki. And to finish, a healthy dose of soft & spongey rhubarb and rosemary cake (a piece of art within itself) created by the talented design guru, Mandy Everitt.

Smoked Trout Globelet Lunch with Social Butterfly



The team laughed together, sat together and most importantly worked very much in tune with each other; they shared food, jokes and ideas. It was almost inspirational watching the vibrance exude from the group. 

Kate + Mandy from Globelet and Social Butterfly

Globlelet is rapidly transforming from a chubby youth into a excited pre-teen with all of the unpredictability and growing pains yet rowdy spirit. It is definitely a company to watch, and definitely going to be a people's choice.